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Here you will learn about my journey, mission, values and vision of a future where more small businesses win on the web.

My career in online marketing started in 2009 at Purple Cow, one of Cape Town's leading internet marketing agencies at the time.

We were good at flooding websites with traffic, yet leads would come in at a trickle. And we rarely knew if those leads made our clients any money, let alone at a profit or loss.

Although we were good at what we did, and doing what we got paid to do, I was dissatisfied with the status quo because I knew most websites had untapped profit potential.

Then one day, I had a revelation while seeking solutions. A profitable online presence stands on three equally important pillars: Traffic, Conversion and Economics.

Eugeine Geyser

Eugeine Geyser

Founder & Chief Optimiser

"You need a holistic approach if you want to win on the web today"

Unfortunately, most companies (agencies are guilty too) mainly focus on traffic while they neglect the aspects of conversion and economics.

As a result, budgets get blown on sending traffic to websites that do not convert browsers into buyers at a profit.

In that way, way too many companies squander their resources.

Most small business owners share the frustration of wasting money—instead of making money—as they are striving to acquire new clients online profitably.

"Waste is your #1 enemy in marketing because waste kills profits"

In 2013, I set out to develop an approach that minimises waste and maximises profit. And so the Optiflow Method was born—my signature, performance-driven client acquisition methodology.

Today, I help my clients gain a competitive edge with an optimised online presence that puts them in a position to win on the web, serve more people and grow stronger.

If your business is not acquiring clients online at a profit right now, I invite you to go ahead and schedule a free consult call with me.

I look forward to learning about you, your business and how I can serve you.



Wastage kills your profits

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