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How to engineer a competition-crushing competitive advantage that positions your service as the only viable option in the eyes of your ideal clients.


Exclusivity is the cornerstone of a persuasive value proposition, while a compelling value proposition gives you a tangible competitive advantage.

One of the best ways to engineer a competitive edge for your service-based business, is to leverage your expertise by creating what I call a Proven Protocol.

Proven Protocol is a system for solving a problem that plagues your audience; it is the approach you have used with success to resolve a pestering problem.

This system is your signature solution and it can be used for branding, gaining exposure, building an online marketing funnel, and even setting up multiple streams of income (more on this later), too.

The biggest perk of your protocol is that it positions you and the service you provide as the only viable option in the eyes of your ideal clients. That happens because you can show your prospective clients that you follow a proven process for delivering a guaranteed outcome for them, in contrast to competitors who use unsubstantiated claims or hype when marketing their services.

There are five key steps you have to follow to create a Proven Protocol for your business which I will briefly discuss here.

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Engineering a Proven Protocol is part of the Optiflow Method.

1. Identify and design your protocol

Your Proven Protocol is a repeatable process you have used in the past that has worked for you when delivering a service to clients, or in your business.

Here are a few examples:

  • As an accountancy, you grew your blog and newsletter readership from a handful to thousands in just six months
  • As an HR consultancy, your simple formula for onboarding new hires helps reduce employee churn by half
  • As a web developer, you always finish your projects on time and within budget because of your organised processes
  • As a financial planner, your investment strategy allows you to outperform the market average by 25% year after year
  • As a copywriter, your research system allows you to create compelling sales copy that resonates with the intended prospects without fail
  • As an veteran entrepreneur, your battle-tested approach to analysing markets allows you to spot opportunities everyone overlooks

You may have seen Proven Protocols offered by big-name entrepreneurs before, such as Tony Robbins' Ultimate Success Formula, that guarantee your success.

However, everyone has a protocol they can teach. Proven Protocol are most often offered by entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches, consultants, small business owners and service-based businesses. However, in reality, anyone can turn their experience and knowledge into a step-by-step system.

Start by looking at some area of your business where you have solved a problem and seen results. Work your way backwards to see how you did it. You should be able to identify the specific steps you took. Is this protocol something you can duplicate to get consistent results over time?

If it is hard to think of anything offhand, try asking others. Ask your colleagues or employees. Talk to people you have helped, such as customers and clients. Ask them directly, or see what they are saying about you on social media or reviews. They can give you some ideas you have not considered.

It is important to focus on just one service and protocol to start with first. Choose the best or easiest to understand for a beginning. Once your first Proven Protocol is clearly defined, standardised and in place, you can always create additional systems for more income, authority and exposure.

It is likely that you have such a protocol, but you have never thought of it in this way before—i.e. leveraging it as a competitive advantage.

Action items

  • What is something you have learned how to do and gotten good results from doing repeatedly? Can you turn this into a standardised protocol?
  • Write out the steps you have used to get results with this protocol.

2. Define your protocol's uniqueness

The true value of your protocol is that it is unique and exclusive to you. Others have solved this problem in nearly similar ways, but no one's approach is quite the same as yours because you devised yours on your own as a go-to expert.

Do you know what makes your process different from others? Discovering your system's exclusivity is an important step and it will be crucial when integrating it into your marketing message and media.

One way to do this is to look at your competition. Search online to see if you can find systems similar to yours and then see if you can glean what sets you apart. Use relevant keywords in Google and on Amazon, or anywhere businesses sell services like yours or programs based on a Proven Protocol.  

Pay close attention to the benefits these products and services offer. Somewhere in their marketing message, they will mention the specific benefits of their approach. You need not use the product to find these. Identify the unique benefits your Proven Protocol offers that theirs do not. These are the unique benefits you can emphasise in your message.

Action items

  • Find similar Proven Protocols that solve the same problem as yours.

  • Look at the benefits each system offers and compare with your own to discover your unique benefits.

3. Identify prospects for your protocol

If you have a working protocol that gets results, you can use it to help other businesses to get the results you promise to deliver. The challenge here is to find out exactly who those companies or industries are so you can focus your marketing efforts on them exclusively.

You may already have an audience you market to. This market is not necessarily the right one for your new protocol. You may need to reach out to a new audience, or you may find that your system is right for a particular segment of your market.

If your Proven Protocol suits your current market well, this will make it easier to sell because your existing clients already know and trust you. If you have been doing your marketing and service delivery well, they are ready to buy from you again. 

What if you have to look for other markets? This will involve extra work but it will expose you to a new audience. And in certain cases, this gives you an opportunity to add a new department or even start a new business.

The key in choosing a market is to consider pain points. You are looking for people who are suffering from the problem your protocol solves. 

Once you choose an audience, you may tailor your system to meet their specific needs. For example, you might have a protocol for creating high-converting landing pages that you have used for the marketing funnel in your business. You might then tailor it to people who are just getting started with their online business presence, like you were when you set up your first website. 

As you are creating your protocol and researching your market, you might find that these newbies struggle especially with using social media to build newsletter subscriber base. Because of this discovery, you might change your system by tailoring it specifically to building a newsletter audience with social media and landing pages. 

Action items

  • Identify the perfect target market for your Proven Protocol.
  • Would your system benefit your current target market or a subset of that market? 
  • Who is facing the problem your protocol solves? 
  • Could you change your system to better serve your market?

4. Craft an enticing title for your protocol

Naming your Proven Protocol is an important step. It needs to be consistent with your brand or the new brand you hope to create, and it needs to tell people exactly what your proven approach will do for them.

The title should be memorable and ideally also drive home the benefits the client will receive. Remember, people will hear the name first, and then decide whether or not to check out your offer. The title needs to be exciting and motivating. It should be as specific as possible, but also simple and snappy.

Besides the title of your Proven Protocol, the title for each step is also important. When you tell people what is involved in your process, you can list these steps by title, and this will further motivate people and tell them what benefits they can expect. 

Brainstorm several titles and give each some consideration. Make a big list and narrow it down. Ask other people to help you figure out which is the best. Often, another person will have a different perspective as an outsider who did not create the system.

Action items

  • Create a list of titles that explain the benefits of your Proven Protocol.
  • Narrow down your list until you have the best title.
  • Create titles for your steps that you can use for marketing.

5. Sell more with your protocol

You might have an excellent protocol in place now, but it will not generate income unless you integrate it with your marketing.

First, write a few Proven Protocol statements (long, medium and short) that clearly convey the benefits of your system, how it works, why it works, who it is for, as well as the outcomes a client can expect from engaging your services.

To add extra punch to your sales message, support your claims by offering a results-based guarantee that removes the doubt a prospect might have. Case studies and testimonials of clients sharing their positive experience with your service and protocol will also make your messaging more compelling and persuasive.

Finally, you have to showcase your Proven Protocol statements wherever you promote your associated service. Your message can be delivered via various media and channels, for example:

  • Ads - Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.
  • Website - Homepage, sales pages, blog posts, etc.
  • Email - Newsletter, Promotions, Solo ads, etc.
  • Offline - Magazines, Trade journals, Newspapers, etc.

You must determine what marketing channels you will use to reach your audience. If you have defined your target market, this should not be hard at all. You should already know where they hang out online and what kinds of content they like. 

Action items

  • What format and media will you use to showcase your Proven Protocol?
  • What marketing channels will you use to reach your target market?
  • Remember to emphasise the benefits in all your marketing materials.

Multiply your income streams

I hope this short report has gotten your head buzzing with great ideas for engineering a competition-crushing competitive advantage that positions you as the only viable option in the eyes of your ideal clients.

Are ready to take your Proven Protocol to the next level?

I am developing a full course that will not only teach you in detail how to create and perfect your Proven Protocol, but also how to establish multiple income streams by creating a digital program for teaching it to others online.

You will find everything you need to know in my new course. And, by the end, you will be building out multiple income streams by sharing your expertise with a much bigger audience than you would be able to if you were delivering your Proven Protocol as a service only

Learn how to turn your Proven Protocol into a profitable program

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