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Online marketing skills

My holistic skillset spans across all three of online marketing's tactical disciplines, namely traffic, conversion and economics. 

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Improve performance in paid and organic search results to increase traffic.

Google advertising

Target your ideal prospects while maintaining full control over your budget.

Search engine optimisation

Fix flaws that hinder a search engine's ability to crawl, index and rank your web pages.

Content marketing

Publish content to attract more people to your website via organic search results.

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Generate more leads and convert them into clients efficiently and profitably.

Sales copywriting

Clarify your message for maximum impact and communicate it convincingly.

Value proposition development

Craft a compelling proposition that persuades prospects to do business with you.

Conversion rate optimisation

Conduct experiments (a/b tests) to boost response rate and increase R.O.M.S.

User experience optimisation

Improve the usability of your website so visitors can complete critical tasks easily.

Landing page design

Enhance your landing pages so a higher percentage of visitors convert into leads.

WordPress development

Win on the web with a mobile and conversion optimised online presence.

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Measure key performance indicators and maximise financial returns over time.

Web analytics

Use data insights to inform optimisation strategy for your website and campaigns.

Sales funnel tracking

Identify and eliminate leaks in your funnel by tracking opportunities to their conclusion.

Campaign reporting

Review the performance of your campaigns and make informed, data-drive decisions.

Wastage kills your profits

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