Acquire clients online at a profit

Gain a competitive edge with an optimised online presence that turns clicks into clients




Are you missing out?

An online presence that works attracts, nurtures and converts your ideal clients. And when your online presence works, it drives business growth.

If you are not turning clicks into clients at a profit, you are missing out.

A weak online presence may already be costing your business a great deal. Not only in terms of money but your ability to persuade prospects too.

Do you know if you are making or wasting money online? How much?

If you can't pull a report right now to give you an accurate figure—you're in trouble!

Waste kills profits

On average, 2 out of 100 visitors convert on the typical business website.

In other words, chances are more than 98% of your visitors leave without ever enquiring or buying, and most will never return.

Consequently, when your sales pipeline lacks a steady stream of qualified leads, hitting your revenue targets becomes a tiresome battle every month.

My decade of helping companies succeed online has taught me that very few websites convert opportunities efficiently; most websites are wasteful.

Waste is your enemy. Waste kills profits.

You need a calculated approach if you want to win on the 'wild-wild' web. And yet, most marketers choose to wing it, which is wasteful. And stressful too.

Fortunately, if that's your current predicament, it does not have to stay that way.

Hello and welcome :)

My career in online marketing started in 2009 at one of Cape Town's leading agencies.

In 2013, I went solo to design my signature approach and so my Optiflow Method was born.

Wasting money while trying to acquire new clients online is a frustration for many small business owners today.

So I help them gain a competitive edge with an optimised online presence that puts them in a position to win on the web.

If you are not already acquiring clients online at a profit, book a free consult call with me to see how I can be of help to you.


Eugeine Geyser


Online Marketing Optimiser

Win with the Optiflow Method

The Optiflow Method is my performance-driven approach to online client acquisition that minimises wastage while maximising profits over time.

Attract & Engage

Engage people who seek the services and solutions you offer.

Nurture & Convert

Turn more browsers into buyers with proven persuasion frameworks.

Onboard & Ascend

Start new client relationships on the right foot and upsell more solutions.

Optimise & Maximise

Continually improve performance to boost financial returns.

Get optimised for growth

The web is supposed to make marketing easier. Unfortunately, so many small businesses struggle to capitalise on the opportunity the web presents.

If what you are doing right now is not profitable, you can either continue doing what is not working...or you can stop wasting and start winning with the Optiflow Method.

Just imagine how empowered your business will be when you finally have a:

Competition crushing competitive advantage
Position in the marketplace as a pre-eminent authority
Game plan for making your website win
Steady stream of sales-ready leads flowing through your pipeline
Predictable online client acquisition process in place
Clear picture of what is working and where you are wasting money
Systemised approach for maximising profit over time

Do not waste more time, schedule your free consult call now.

Work-for-free guarantee

You will acquire clients profitably if I engineer and manage a client acquisition campaign for you according to my Optiflow Method. However, if my campaign runs in the red, then my services are free until you are in the black again.

Client success stories

These companies entrusted me with optimising their online presences. Under my guidance, they minimised wastage and turned more browsers into buyers.

Nox Rentals

Increased return on marketing spend (R.O.M.S.) year-over-year for four consecutive years from 92% in 2016 to 235% in 2019.

Nox Rentals R.O.M.S.

R.O.M.S. Growth

RBA Homes

Increased web traffic 518% over 27 months from an average of 9 088 users per quarter to 56 193 users per quarter.

RBA Homes Traffic

Web Traffic Growth

Increased web leads 213% over 27 months from an average of 948 leads per quarter to 2 962 leads per quarter.

RBA Homes Leads

Web Leads Growth

Atlas Plastics

Increased web leads 132% over 36 months, and year-over-year for three consecutive years, from 1 143 in 2016 to 2 646 in 2018.

Atlas Plastics Leads

Web Leads Growth

Answers to important questions

Is the Optiflow Method a good fit for my business? 

As an online marketing methodology, the Optiflow Method is holistic. It covers strategic as well as tactical aspects and works for most businesses, except if you sell a commodity.

I work with businesses in a variety of industries who sell products and services, online and offline, B2B and B2C through lead generation and e-commerce websites, and sales funnels.

That said, assisting service businesses who generate leads online and close deals offline is my strong suit.

How much can I expect to pay to hire you?

My new standardised packages are still in the works. So, at this time, my services are provided on a consultation, project, retainer basis.

My fee ranges between ZAR750 and ZAR1,500 per hour* and the total cost will depend on the scope of work.

*The complexity of the work determines the rate I charge.

How can I contact you to get more information?

Feel free to contact me via email or phone. You can go to the contact page to send me a message, or call +27 82 379 2368 to talk with me.

Client testimonials

Eugeine's approach to business is 100% hands on. He makes you feel like you are his only client, always available, always up to date, always helpful. Eugeine has brought insightful changes to our marketing strategy and continues to impress me with his broad knowledge of the digital world.

Charlotte Metelerkamp

Charlotte Metelerkamp


Eugeine has given us greater visibility online and enabled us to easily adapt and improve our service to our consumers in a rapidly changing marketplace. He has met all our deadlines and expectations and always walks the extra mile for us, looking for innovative ways to help us grow.

Maryke Sonnenberg

Maryke Sonnenberg


I highly recommend working with Eugeine. In a nutshell, he is knowledgeable, highly skilled, solutions-oriented, detailed, diligent, thorough and meets all deadlines. I’ve been online well over a decade, and let down or ripped off many times. Eugeine underpromises, and way over-delivers. You’re a rock star; I’m truly grateful to have worked with you on my sales funnel and website, thank you!

Bridget Edwards

Bridget Edwards


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By the way, does your business have a competitive advantage that positions you and your service(s) as the only viable option in the eyes of your ideal clients?

If not, check out my "Get The Upper Hand" guide to see how you can engineer a competition-crushing competitive edge in just five easy steps.

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Guarantee terms and conditions

My work-for-free guarantee comes with a disclaimer because every business operates differently while each marketing campaign has a multitude of variables that can influence performance.

Therefore, I can only offer this guarantee when I engineer and manage a client acquisition campaign according to my Optiflow Method.

Plus, 'profitable' has to be defined in the context of your campaign, benchmarks must be set and both parties must agree on their respective responsibilities and performance levels (e.g. visitor-to-lead and lead-to-sale conversion rates) before the campaign launches.

Then, if the campaign runs at a loss for a quarter (on average) because I am underperforming, your retainer fee for my services will be suspended until your campaign is running at a profit again (for a maximum of three months).

On the other hand, if the campaign runs at a loss because, for example, your sales team is not dealing with leads efficiently, then my fee will remain payable.